Class Over View

Here is an overview of the computer projects in the computer class at Kingswood Regional Middle School.

Course Description-Computer Technology
Rick Davidson

Designing House plans in Paint- Fun way to introduce students to setting up folders, working with the hierarchy of working with computer folders and files. Saving properly.3-5 days
Word Processing (Open Office Writer) including basic layout for pamphlets, letters, and posters
Includes copying layouts and then creating content of their own with similar designs.
Up to four weeks

Periodic typing drills to expose students to the proper typing techniques.
Internet Scavenger Hunt1 to teach proper use of search techniques and using technology for note taking 3-4 days
Web Quest on the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm-to further the development of Internet search techniques. This may take up to a week but not every student will get to it.
Research Project-one week research project, bibliographies, research paper format-more advanced research techniques
Sim City-game simulation to encourage problem solving, expose students to non-violent yet engaging games-encourage reflection and to create a situation where students have to use their thinking skills to figure out the logic of the games. Learning how to use different programs requires the ability to figure out the logic of those programs. It is a very important skill. One week, but students are given time a various other times to work on their final city.
Greeting card-Introduction to desktop publishing- one day
Spreadsheets one and a half weeks
Basic graphs-measurements- one day
basic spreadsheet formulas-addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and auto sum
Create a business order form-multiplication and addition
Yearly household budget showing money earned, spent, balance, and a chart
Grade averages-average formula and chart
Employee data base- basic database concepts

Greeting Card- one day
Math game used periodically the last fifteen minutes of a class to reinforce basic math concepts in a fun way using technology.
Country Brochures-desktop publishing and research-one an half weeks Quizzes I have created to reinforce technology vocabulary and computer safety-students take the quizzes repeatedly and receive immediate feedback. One day and then on going on their own time.
Internet Scavenger Hunt 2- research techniques reinforced-this time two to three days is usually enough.
Holiday Card and Poster-one to two days-desktop publishing
Extra credit-design a menu
Extra credit-use the Internet to make a decision about what car to buy, where to purchase it and how to finance it
Project, if time allows, plan a week’s vacation based on budget and distance limitations

Final Projects: (Four weeks-group work)
Students choose to make a short digital video, work with digital photography, or create a website-in groups students are exposed to skills necessary to complete individual and group projects.
Photo students critique photographs according to composition guidelines and produce a project proposal using skills already used in class. Students learn basic Adobe Photoshop techniques, take pictures and produce collages in Photoshop,
Video Students critique short videos in the advertising media using specific guidelines, create a pitch, then story board, script, shoot, and digitally edit a short fantasy advertisement.
Website students critique existing websites using specific guidelines, create a proposal, learn how to make websites, make three page websites and link them all together.
All groups need to plan their projects, as part of their proposals, using flow charts created in Inspiration.

During the final four week period,students must, in addition to their group projects, individually create a ten slide research PowerPoint type project using Open Office Impress.
They need to take the Quizlab quizzes for the last time for credit
Retype one of the word processing projects using a specific layout design
Recreate the first month of a yearly household budget
Internet Scavenger Hunt 3
Students may choose to complete any other projects they may not have completed during the class.

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