Computer Technology at KRMS

Computer Technology Integration at KRMS

1. Creativity (personal expression, student based,)

2. Collaboration (teachers, cross curriculum (middle school philosophy), and students), experts, communication, contribution to team projects, create for an audience, (sharing Web 2.0)

3. Research Skills (evaluation, synthesize, ethics, process data), information fluency, C-Span, You Tube, use of library on-line tools such as United Streaming, on line book marking Thinkquest, delicious, diigo, RSS feeds of news sources, etc., google reader,

4. Critical Thinking and Problem solving (planning, decision making), selection of appropriate applications (software and hardware necessary to complete project rather than isolating instruction, visual literacy)

5. Digital Citizenship (safe, legal, responsible, social responsibility, plagiarism, creative commons)

6. Technology Operation (not isolated, adaptability, tool needed to accomplish task )

Possible Projects:

podcasts, Examples: Book talks, David Eastman Country Ecology radio shows

blogging Questions and answers, collaboration, sharing, blogging on issues in the news (diigo, google reader, Vista blogs

Slide shows (PhotoShop as a tool) Examples: historical personages or events with research voice over or text, science , math demos

Videos (require planning and scripting) Examples: students create story using same themes from book or stories they are reading), Vista style research project, science math demonstrations, music, cooking instructions, book trailer

Story telling: scripts, plays, booklets, form and content, elements of a story (written or visual)

Desktop Publishing: brochures, cards, newsletter, menus, etc.

Time lines, spreadsheets and charts, promotional posters, house design, newsletter, business cards, catalogs, advertisements, webquests, recreate sounds, music,, and picture of an era (Ken Burns), create websites, video trailers, student created question and answer books, write a song or poem or story relative to a topic or era, spreadsheets (budget, grade averages, database, mathematical formulas, art museum, website on famous person, PowerPoint presentation on financial success of a company, students pretend to be travel agents and create promotional PowerPoint, Start a business track business on excel, create a digital magazine, create a TV commercial, use a wiki to critique a book or short story, Computer Integration ideas

Book Marks:,


Book Marks:,

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The Curriculum Component. A team of teachers (content area teachers, a special education teacher and a computer teacher) work together to integrate computer use into a six- to eight-week curriculum unit. Teachers first select a unit topic that cuts across disciplines. For example, a topic such as immigration, space exploration, or medical breakthroughs in the 20th century could comfortably link language arts, the framework for carrying out a research process where students:

* Become actively engaged as learners who pose personally meaningful questions related to the content/topic;

* Devise a research plan that uses a variety of relevant sources;

* Gather, integrate and construct knowledge by working independently and cooperatively with other students; and

* Produce a finished product that describes what the research process entailed and conveys what was learned.

During the unit, teachers help students gradually construct and expand their knowledge of key concepts, issues and vocabulary related to the topic. Teachers encourage cooperative learning so that students share information, give each other feedback and support one another’s efforts. Writing becomes an ongoing process that involves pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing (to an audience).

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