This is an article that does a good job of explaining how I can help integrate technology in my district

I think the main points are that I’m available to collaborate on a one to one basis.  I am also in a position to research  and help find software, apps and projects that can help you enhance your curriculum using technology. These are things you may not have the time to do yourself. I can be there to help.  Perhaps more than anything else we all have the opportunity to experiment without worry about failing.  If it “blows up in our faces”  we can learn from that.  We won’t be negatively judged for trying.  We are more likely to be judged  for not trying. I have found that collaboration has produced some incredible results.  This article,“Two Case Studies: How connected Educators Can Transform Schools”   from Mind/Shift is a good example of what we would like to accomplish in the district. I just spent the day helping  students video and edit Skype interviews.  It is amazing how engaged they are.


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