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Links to Christa McAuliffe Conference Presenters and Keynote Speakers

Links to Christa McAuliffe Conference Keynote Speakers:   Chris Lehmann


Link to Christa McAuliffe Presenters handouts:

Christa McAuliffe Photography Session

HP Demo: HP Better Photo


Automatic Mode

Composing the image. (you)

Autofocus center or closest object

Autoexposure. Light reflecting from the scene-medium gray

Autoflash. Low light

Automatic white balance. Color of the light: incandescent (warm), Outdoors (Cool) Fluorescent (green)


Quality of image- number of pixels used to create the image.

3 megapixels 8X10 PhotoShop Demo on image sizes

F-stop- depth of field

Shutter speed – stop action

ISO light sensitivity


Photographs will be taken with digital cameras. All images must be processed in Adobe Photoshop. Before you start taking pictures, you need to learn a little bit about photography.

Enclosed in your packet are some of the basic rules of composition. They can be found at These are rules that help you take better pictures. Go to on the Internet and look at some of the pictures that other teachers and students have taken. You may also use, which features the works of some great amateur and professional photographers. Since you may be taking most of your pictures here at school, check out the section on schools on the tech4laerning site. This will help give you some ideas of what photographs you can take here at KRMS. Choose three pictures that you like and see if you can identity any of the rules of composition. Copy and paste those three pictures into Open Office Writer and identity what rules were used and explain why you like the pictures. When you have completed this exercise, see Mr. Davidson about learning how to use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and alter you pictures. After you have learned the basics of Photoshop you will be ready to start taking your own pictures. You will create a slide show in PhotoStory 3 or PowerPoint and you will create at least three collages that will be printed and handed in with your name on the back. You may use your collages as part of your slide show.

Examples of free software for editing photos:

Photostory3 is a Windows slide show software that can be downloaed from

Photoshop Elements usually costs around $89.00.


Equipment and Materials

Digital Camera $100.00 – $400

SLR Digital Camera $600.00-$4,000

Card reader $19.00


Pack & Charger $32.95

Quest Ni-MH Gold Rechargeable $19.00


w/ minimum of 1 gig of RAM $500. +

Internet capability

Scanner $70.00 – $200.00

Adobe PhotoShop Elements (Gimp) or other photo software Free, $30.00-$100.00-$600.

Adobe PhotoShop educational price $160.00

Photo Quality Paper $1.00/piece


Inkjet/laserjet $50.00 – $500.00

Power Point, Impress, Photo story 3, Windows Movie Maker, I Movie, Big Huge Labs, Voice Thread, Show Beyond, Animoto, Kizoa, slide, slideroll, monoslideshow, RockYou, Image Loop

Digital Photo Rubric






Digital Image Not saved as jpg-

not in student’s folder-not on

Saved as .jpg in incorrect folder or folders-correct folders but not saved as jpg.

Saved as jpg-in student’s folder-saved on

Quality Image is severely under or over exposed-out of focus or blurred Poor exposure-and/or some blur Fair exposure-reasonable sharpness Good exposure- good overall sharpness Excellent exposure-no distortion or blur

Creativity Poor-no appeal to the viewer Fair-image is there but shows no impact Good but not exciting Very good-minor changes would improve Exceptional imagination

Composition Poor-no evidence of rules of composition Fair-image is compromised by lack of composition Good-no evidence of pre-visualization Very good- image would be improved by better composition Effective uses of the rules of composition-image was pre-visualized



Poor print quality

Mediocre print quality

Excellent Print quality

Presentation Slide Show

Slide show is disorganized-poor choice of audio

Organization could be better-audio is adequate

Well organized-excellent use of audio

Photo Shop Basics:

Crop-use Marquee-while image is large

Image Menu:

Show history to undo

Rotate Canvas

Check image size



Color balance



Open two or more images

Make selections using:

Marquee tool

Magic wand

Lasso-Polygonal Lasso Tool or Magnetic Lasso Tool

Feather selection for a better blend

Use Move Tool to transfer to another image

Show Layers and choose Layer you wish to work on

Edit menu

Free transform-resize or rotate layer- hit enter when done-use move tool to move layer

Layer Menu:

Flatten Image

Use Clone tool to finalize blend

Make great Black and White digital images:

Image-Mode-Lab Color-select Channels-show Channels-select Lightness- discard A and B and (lab)- Image-Mode Gray Scale-Image-Mode-RGB-then use Image-Adjustments-Levels

Put the card in the card reader or connect your camera to the computer via the USB cable that came with your camera

Go to My Computer

Open the C Drive

Go to File- New-Folder

Type name of folder

You may need to right click the folder and choose rename to type in the name

Open the folder you have just created

Hit the middle square in the right hand corner so that the window is not full screen

Go back to My Computer

Choose the removable disk that contains your pictures

Hit the middle square in the right hand corner so that the window is not full screen

Both your newly named folder and your picture folder should be open

Double click

Select the pictures

Drag or copy and paste them into the folder you have created and named

You may or may not want to delete the photos on your disk

If you wish to print your images as they are, select at least one and follow the print steps to choose your sizes. This is a good way to print multiple images.

Go to Photoshop Elements or similar program

Crop now if you wish to do so

Check size of photo

Lighten or darken as needed

Perform other enhancements as needed.

Christa McAliffe Files For Video Research Session

Invisible Children Stand by me playing for change Rough Cut

Aspects of story telling

Creative commons

Sources: C-Span. United Streaming, YouTube, flickr

Bogus/Not Bogus

Video converters

A Teachers Guide to Fair Use Copyright

Your Name:

Bogus or Not?

Google GWRSD and go the the Kingswood Middle School Site.

Click to the Portaportal and choose Bogus or Not?

Choose five sites from the list and decide whether the site is bogus or not. Some sites may not work. If so, try another one. Give three reason why you believe each of your five sites is a sham or not. Record your reasons in the following way in Open Office Writer.

Site ………Name of the Site………………………………………………………………………..

Choose One: Bogus Not Bogus

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

Illegal posts on YouTube

Illegal posts on YouTube

Legal Example of Website with an author and creation date

“The Oscar Schindler Story.”The Oscar Schindler Story. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2010.

Schindler saved more Jewish lives from the gas chamber than any other

Millions of Jews died in Concentration camps

Schindler spent millions to save his Jewish Workers

Letter from Jewish people he saved

“Oskar Schindler Biography – life, family, childhood, children, name, story, death, wife, school, mother, young, information, born, marriage, time, year, sister.”Encyclopedia of World Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2010. <>.

Schindler relied on his ability to bribe the right people to secure numerous German army contracts for his pots and pans.

Bribed people to get contracts. Used same skills to protect his workers from the SS

Created list of necessary workers

Wife also helped

“The Holocaust.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2010. <>. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime.
Hoemann, Dr. George, and Mary Myers. “The American Civil War Homepage.”University of Tennessee: SunSITE. N.p., 24 Feb. 1995. Web. 12 Oct. 2010. <>. Civil war started in 1861