My New Novel is out: “Murder at Stillwater Lodge”

My New Novel, “Murder at Stillwater Lodge”  takes place in fictional northern New Hampshire.

Roger Harris, a guest at Stillwater Lodge in northern New Hampshire, is violently killed at the start of a holiday weekend. Powerful spring storms wash out access roads and isolate the fly fishing enthusiasts and married alternative lifestyle couples gathered at the lodge. A flood of accidents and murders plunge them into murky waters, but the bold proprieters attempt to unravel the mystery and curb the violence.

Retired Fish and Game officer Rob Schurman and local curmudgeon Ike Roberts are at the heart of it all as this exciting story shifts gears from a whodunit to a thriller in fictional Clifford, New Hampshire (also the setting of Rick Davidson’s Catamount: A North Country Thriller). Once again all is not at it seems in the peaceful, idyllic lakes and woods of the North Country.

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