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 Link to Rick Davidson’s Technology Integration links


The KRMS Portaportal has links to many sites that could be used on all levels

15 Favorite iPad Apps from K Walsh, Emerging Ed tech:

Blogging in Elementary School


Educational Origami is a blog and a wiki, about 21st Century Teaching and Learning.
This wiki is not just about the integration of technology into the classroom, though this is certainly a critical area, it is about shifting our educational paradigm. The world is not as simple as saying teachers are digital immigrants and students digital natives. In fact, we know that exposure to technology changes the brains of those exposed to it. The longer and stronger the exposure and the more intense the emotions the use of the technology or its content evokes, the more profound the change. This technology is increasingly ubiquitous. We have to change how we teach, how we assess, what we teach, when we teach it, where we are teaching it, and with what.
Its a tall order, but these are exciting times. Educational Origami created by Andrew Church

United Streaming:


Rick Davidson:

Mr. Davidson’s Google Sites Address

Drop Box:

Google Docs:    ipad ideas Middle School

Apps for Education all levels  Appitic

Elementary School Ipad apps:  iPad K-6  Apps for k-5 core language standards

High school iPad Apps:     Google Apps 32 ways  Super Book of Ideas  K-12 ideas  Portaportal    100 ipad Apps  Educational Videos. Lessons and Games for k1-12  eno board apps  Smart Board


flickr- Creative Commons   google flickr and go to creative commons

Creative Commons Search

freeplay music

Audacity  download for podcasts


Movie maker


Movie Maker For Windows 7   Movie maker comes with comes with  XP

Any video converter

Photo Collages

Aviary  Prezi

S.I.R concept:  Self-evaluation, Improve what has been done, Repeat until quality has been achieved  The Tree Octopus

Screen Casting


Book Builder

Google Searching:

Guidelines for Student Blogging:


Tes i Board Interactive  k-6 learning activities:

BBC Bitesize: Interactives for k-12 education:

Verifying websites:


Grovo features tutorials on how to make the most of the many Internet services such as Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, etc.  The free trial version allows you to view most of Grovo’s content. For $9 a month, you can access all of their courses.  This really does have some great tutorials.


Video sites for teachers:

 Google Apps Training


iPad Guidlines


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