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Tips For Using iPads

An Interesting Article from Cathy N. Davidson

An interview with  Cathy N Davidson at Dartmouth College: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zO09G5vEnbY

Are We Teaching to The Modern Definition of Literacy by Will Richardson

This a thought provoking 5 minute video from a talk that Will Richardson gave at Proctor Academy.


iPad2 and Apple TV…Ed Tech by Scott Meech

Is the Apple TV a more affordable alternative to an Interactive Whiteboard?


C-Span Lesson Plans for the 2012 Election




Free Audio Book Sources





Photos Of The Day

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One of My Many Outside Interests-Catamount A North Country Thriller

My novel, Catamount A North Country Thriller has been published.

Man’s sacrilegious infringements on Nature’s delicate balance calls down a forgotten Indian curse and releases a raging mountain lion, a catamount in the North Woods. This creature is not supposed to be there and is not supposed to prey on humans, but two young children and their dog pick up its trail behind an isolated summer camp not far from the Canadian border. The children do not return and a search and rescue party sets out after them, but the rampages of the malevolent ghostlike cat hinders their efforts and a violent storm sets off a serious forest fire in the tinder-dry forest.