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Common Sense Education SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy

I have been using the SAMR model of technology integration in education and “Bloom’s Taxonomy” as the guild lines for my work in promoting ICT standards in my district.  “Common Sense Education” has created a graphic that shows how these two frameworks relate to each other.  The goal to reach the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy fit well with the transformational levels of the SAMR  integration model. Both provide definable steps to higher level learning and effective technology integration.  I am not an advocate of using technology in education for the sake of doing so.  I believe that technology can enhance what we are already doing while providing us with an ever-changing means of doing things that weren’t possible in the past.  This site provides guidance in helping structure activities and projects that can help students climb both the SAMR and the Bloom’s ladders.

 “SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy: Assembling the Puzzle”

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