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Free Images for Blogs and Marketing from “Freegrow”

Free Images for Blogs and Marketing, created by “Dreamgrow”, lists 38 sites that offer free images of all kinds.  The creative Commons concept has grown over the past few years.  It is getting easier and easier for students to find images that they can legally and freely use in their projects.  Flickr has been a great go-to site for students and teachers.   The other 37 sites on this list offer, even more, possibilities for finding appropriate images.  Just remember it is generally accepted that it is important to cite sources.

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Rick Davidson’s Technology Integration Links

All of the links on my integration site are public, but some districts don’t allow outside sharing or email. Unfortunately,  it is not possible for me to respond to share requests from teachers who work in such districts.  I find this to be counter-productive in a world where one of the essential premises behind technology integration in education is communication and sharing.  In any case, I apologize on my end, for not being able to respond.

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