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Share to Classroom

Do you want to get your entire class on the same page?  Google Share to Classroom used with Google Classroom is the answer.  This app will allow you to push any website to all the students in your Google Classroom classes.  This is different from Google Cast For Education which allows you to share one computer screen to another in Google Chrome.  This facilitates students sharing their screen with the teacher.  In class, the teacher can project student screens one student  at a time.

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Google Cast for Education

Google Cast for Education makes is possible for students to cast their screens to the teacher’s computer. The teacher can then project a given student’s screen to a projection screen or to a TV. You would need a projector or mirroring software such as Apple TV or Chrome Cast. This app seems to work most easily by using existing classes in Google Classroom. Check it out. I think that a teacher can even do this from home. One of our IT people and I are going to test it tomorrow morning. Google Cast for Education

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