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Google Classroom now makes it easier to assign work to individual students

Google is always looking for ways to improve their applications.  Now it is much easier to assign work to individual students rather than just to the entire class.  This will facilitate personalization when certain students might benefit from an assignment that is not necessarily assigned to everyone in the class.

This blog post by Andrew Garrett, one of the software engineers for Google Classroom, explains the changes.

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Share to Classroom

Do you want to get your entire class on the same page?  Google Share to Classroom used with Google Classroom is the answer.  This app will allow you to push any website to all the students in your Google Classroom classes.  This is different from Google Cast For Education which allows you to share one computer screen to another in Google Chrome.  This facilitates students sharing their screen with the teacher.  In class, the teacher can project student screens one student  at a time.

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Everything Teachers need to know about Google Classroom from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Many of the teachers in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District have been making use of Google Classroom  It is an excellent way to organize assignments, provide formative assessments, archive student work and save time. It is a very useful addition to Google Apps for education that we are all using.   It is free and easy to use.  Now that our district has increased bandwidth at all of the schools, we now have the power to use Google Classroom effectively. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has posted an excellent, easy to understand tutorial on how to us this great tool. Everything Teachers Need To Know About Google Classroom.

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