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At one of our district technology task force meetings, I was asked to make a list of useful extensions.  There are many that I haven’t used and many that I have. I am always trying new ones.    This post lists some of the extension that I have used over the past couple of years.  I have also provided links to “Teacher Thoughts” list and “Technology Guru 77’s” list.

Google Chrome Extensions “are applications that run inside the Chrome browser and provide additional functionality with third party websites, services, and customized browsing experiences.” (Google’s definition)

How to install and remove extensions by Technology Guru 77  Plus extension suggestions for teachers

Extension can simplify access, make things more convenient and add functionality

50 of the best  Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers  by “Teacher Thought

Too many extension can slow down your browser so you need to find the ones that work best for you.I try out a lot of different extensions so I use “Extensity” This app allows me to control what apps appear on my toolbar and I can enable or disable any of my loaded apps.  If an app is disabled, it still appears in the Extensity list.  I just need to click on it to turn it on.  I simple click will also turn the app off.

Here are some of my favorites that add to the functionality of  Google Chrome and G Suite:

WeVideo  Cloud-based video editor
Mercury Reader  Clear away article clutter
Save to Google Drive Save web content and screen capture to Drive
Share to Classroom Push web pages to classroom classes
Google Tone Use microphone and speakers to exchange url’s on computers
Google Cast For Education Turn your computer into a wireless projector
Loom Create quick videos that are great for demos
Read And Write Make documents more accessible
Scoop It Curate and share websites
Pocket  Save to read later
Easy Bib create ” works cited”
Tweet Deck Twitter tool for tracking, organizing and engaging tweets
Goo.gl URL shortener
Awesome Screenshot Capture Screen capture
Add This Share and Bookmark  Easily share to other services such as twitter and facebook
Grammarly Grammar check
QR Code Generator  Create QR codes
Google Keep Create edit and share notes and lists
Pinterest  Save to Pinterest
Google Photos Store and share photos
Lucid Press  Desktop publishing
OneTab Compress all open tabs into one

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