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20 Chrome Apps Every Teacher Should Know About And An Interesting Article On Narrative Writing Across All Content Areas

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have created a list of 22 Google Chrome Apps that are useful for education. The list is not exhaustive but I have found most of these to be useful.

Here is another article that is  interesting look at Argument Writing across Content Areas by Heather Wolpert-Gawron. I  am reading Minds Made For Stories by UNH English Professor by Thomas Newkirk. Professor Newkirk challenges the idea that narrative writing and informational writing are different.  He maintains that narrative storytelling is, in his own words, the Mother of all Modes” of discourse.  Both Wolpert-Gawon’s and Newkirk’s arguments are very compelling and should be considered as the Common Core calls for more emphasis on information reading and writing.

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Create Your Own Storybook from mystorybook.com

This looks like a neat story book creating site that would be great for language students as well as younger students.

My Story Book


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Murder at Stillwater Lodge

Official Announcement for my new novel “Murder At Stillwater Lodge”

This is the official announcement for my new novel “Murder At Stillwater Lodge”

Murder at Stillwater Lodge

15 Lesson Plans Aligned with Common Core Standards for making students Better Online researchers From Global Digital Citizen Foundation

The Global Digital Citizen Foundation has compiled Common Core aligned beginner, intermediate, and advance lesson plans to help students master the art of online research.   These classroom tutorials will help students get the most out of their research time online.

15 Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers

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Check out my new book Murder at Stillwater Lodge

Google Search Education

Google Search Education provides Common Core aligned lesson plans for beginner, intermediate, and  advanced Google Search users.  Learning how to interpret and refine searches may well be one of the most important skills that we can master in the 21st Century.  This is the link to the the homepage with very interesting links to multiple resources on Google Searches.     Homepage


Check out the “Live Training Videos”.  I found the video on “Believe it or not: Authority and credibility of sources on the web”  particular interesting.  The video “Creative Commons” is critical as everyone should by using creative searches in order to respect copyright  laws.

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How to Get a Real Education-Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut on getting a real education from the Huffington Post. Someone asked an author friend of mine why he bothered to write? Here’s the answer in a letter from Kurt Vonnegut written to a high school . “How to Get a Real Education”

Using Twitter to Grow Your PLN and Pinterest Tools

How to use Twitter to grow your PLN from Edutopia.    Five Good Pinterest Tools for Teachers by Med Kharbach

Ten Podcasting Projects from “We are Teachers”

Here are some ideas for creative ideas for podcasting in the classroom.

WeAreTeachers Blog

Todays’ schools lack creative teaching and learning, study says by Laura Devaney

“Transformative change” is need to inject a creative boost into the current education system from eSchool News.

Teachers Comprehensive List of Great Educational Technology Resources

Here’s a list of  technology Resources to peruse as we head out for summer vacation

Teachers Comprehensive List of Great Educational Technology Resources from “Educational Technology and Mobile Learning”

I will also continue to update our Portaportal of Technology Resources

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