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A site for finding Creative Commons images

Photopin.com searches for creative commons images that are free to use in school and on blogs and websites, etc.  The Photo credit link is included when you save the image.

Daniel Pinks asks if the “school cliff” matters more than the fiscal cliff

Gallup shows that the student engagement  drops off  greatly over time.  Check out their chart on Daniel Pink’s website.    I can’t help but wonder whether this will be even worse as the result of one size fits all school reform.

A Great Post by David Bosso about Sandy Hook

David Bosso is the 2012 teacher of the year in Connecticut.

Opinion: Sandy Hook Shows Teachers’ Enduring Values  by David Bosso

Yong Zhao’s take on American Education and Testing

Yong Zhao provides insight into interpreting international test score.

Just returned from the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Nashua New Hampshire

As always, The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference was a great opportunity to discover new ways to  further encourage powerful learning at our school.  Checkout the Keynote Speakers.

Free E-Book from Powerful Learning.com

This is a compilation of blogs by teachers who are engaged in creating powerful learning in their schools.