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Google Tone – What Will They Think Of Next?

Add Google Tone to Chrome and you can send a  webpage address to another computer that has the extension.  Google Tone uses the computers’ microphones and speakers to transfer the URL.  In other words, any computer that has speakers, a microphone, the Google Zone extension and is within earshot can transfer this information.  Load all of the computers in a classroom with this app and webpage sharing just got a lot easier.  Even easier than Share to Classroom. You just might have to ask the students to be quiet for a few moments.

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Rick Davidson Author

Share to Classroom

Do you want to get your entire class on the same page?  Google Share to Classroom used with Google Classroom is the answer.  This app will allow you to push any website to all the students in your Google Classroom classes.  This is different from Google Cast For Education which allows you to share one computer screen to another in Google Chrome.  This facilitates students sharing their screen with the teacher.  In class, the teacher can project student screens one student  at a time.

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Rick Davidson