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Computer Technology at KRMS

Computer Technology Integration at KRMS

1. Creativity (personal expression, student based,)

2. Collaboration (teachers, cross curriculum (middle school philosophy), and students), experts, communication, contribution to team projects, create for an audience, (sharing Web 2.0)

3. Research Skills (evaluation, synthesize, ethics, process data), information fluency, C-Span, You Tube, use of library on-line tools such as United Streaming, on line book marking Thinkquest, delicious, diigo, RSS feeds of news sources, etc., google reader,

4. Critical Thinking and Problem solving (planning, decision making), selection of appropriate applications (software and hardware necessary to complete project rather than isolating instruction, visual literacy)

5. Digital Citizenship (safe, legal, responsible, social responsibility, plagiarism, creative commons)

6. Technology Operation (not isolated, adaptability, tool needed to accomplish task )

Possible Projects:

podcasts, Examples: Book talks, David Eastman Country Ecology radio shows

blogging Questions and answers, collaboration, sharing, blogging on issues in the news (diigo, google reader, http://lpeterson.edublogs.org/ Vista blogs

Slide shows (PhotoShop as a tool) Examples: historical personages or events with research voice over or text, science , math demos

Videos (require planning and scripting) Examples: students create story using same themes from book or stories they are reading), Vista style research project, science math demonstrations, music, cooking instructions, book trailer

Story telling: scripts, plays, booklets, form and content, elements of a story (written or visual)

Desktop Publishing: brochures, cards, newsletter, menus, etc.

Time lines, spreadsheets and charts, promotional posters, house design, newsletter, business cards, catalogs, advertisements, webquests, recreate sounds, music,, and picture of an era (Ken Burns), create websites, video trailers, student created question and answer books, write a song or poem or story relative to a topic or era, spreadsheets (budget, grade averages, database, mathematical formulas, art museum, website on famous person, PowerPoint presentation on financial success of a company, students pretend to be travel agents and create promotional PowerPoint, Start a business track business on excel, create a digital magazine, create a TV commercial, use a wiki to critique a book or short story,

http://its.leesummit.k12.mo.us/ Computer Integration ideas

Book Marks: http://delicious.com/filmrd,

E-mail: rgdavidson@govwentworth.k12.nh.us

Book Marks: http://www.diigo.com/user/filmrd,

School Website: www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us Click on “Our Schools”,

Portaportal: guest.portaportal.com/krms (Links to sites for classroom use)

Educational Blogs By Discipline – Go to our website



http://web.mac.com/geographyguy/Welcome/Welcome.html Mr. McCracken

The Curriculum Component. A team of teachers (content area teachers, a special education teacher and a computer teacher) work together to integrate computer use into a six- to eight-week curriculum unit. Teachers first select a unit topic that cuts across disciplines. For example, a topic such as immigration, space exploration, or medical breakthroughs in the 20th century could comfortably link language arts, the framework for carrying out a research process where students:

* Become actively engaged as learners who pose personally meaningful questions related to the content/topic;

* Devise a research plan that uses a variety of relevant sources;

* Gather, integrate and construct knowledge by working independently and cooperatively with other students; and

* Produce a finished product that describes what the research process entailed and conveys what was learned.

During the unit, teachers help students gradually construct and expand their knowledge of key concepts, issues and vocabulary related to the topic. Teachers encourage cooperative learning so that students share information, give each other feedback and support one another’s efforts. Writing becomes an ongoing process that involves pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing (to an audience).

Make It Happen! is based on

findings from a three-year study

funded by the U.S. Department

of Education.

David Kapuler Web 2.0 for educators

I’m a huge advocate of Web 2.0 in general, and social networking in particular. Here are my favorite networks for education that targets technology literacy.

1.  Twitter – Far and away one of the most popular social networks around. This micro-tweeting platform is used worldwide and especially in education (search hash tags, edchat or edtech).
2.  Classroom 2.0 – Created by Steve Hargadon and used by thousands of educators on a daily basis. This site alone changed the way I viewed education and ignited my passion for Web 2.0.
3.  Facebook -nuff said!!
4.  Plurk – A social network similar to Twitter with a timeline view and fun karma-based platform.
5.  Educator’s PLN – Built by Thomas Whitby, this social network is one of the fastest growing around and some of the top technology based innovators can be found here.
6.  Learn Central – Sponsored by elluminate, Learn Central is an ideal place for educators to host or learn through its virtual conferences.
7.  ISTE Community – International Society for Technology & Education is a great place for educators to collaborate on technology issues.
8.  Edutopia – A very popular organization created by the George Lucas foundation.
9.  Collaborative Translation – Created by well renowned educator James O’Reilly, CT is a great place to learn and share innovative ideas.
10.  IT4ALL – Integrating Technology 4 Active Life-Long Learners is a nice place for educators to share best practices for technology integration.

David Kapuler was the media and technology specialist at Greendale (Wis.) School District. Read his blog at cyber-kap.blogspot.com.

Student Comments to Video project

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Additions by AJV:

How important do you think knowing how to use technology will be in your future? Are you good at it now? Explain.

I think it is very important to know technology in the future. I am okay at using technology now. I think it is good to know technology in the future because it is going to be used a lot in the future and if you don’t know how to use it then you won’t get a good job.

I think when I am older I will have to use a lot of technology but I am not so good with it right now, but I think I am getting better. Especially since we did this project.

I think if you don’t know how to use technology in the future you are doomed. I think it is very important because almost everything these days has to do with a computer or palm pilots etc. I think I am good at using technology. I know enough to get by.

I think that it is really important because you will have to use it for most jobs and you will have to use it in high school. Right now my understanding of technology is better than when we started this project.

I think that knowing how to use technology is very important because everything is getting harder to use. I am not good with technology right now, if I saw how to do something over and over again, then I could be good at it.

It will be very important to know how to use technology like this because the future seems pretty technologically dependent.

I think knowing how to use technology will be very important in the future because it will become more advanced so you will want to keep up with it. Also, everyone will be using technology, and teachers will want you to do more assignments on the computer, I am not very good at it right now because it confuses me sometimes, and I’m not very patient with the computer. Sometimes I rush and stuff doesn’t get saved.

I think that knowing how to use technology is very important for my future because I would like to go to Brewster Academy and they use computers for homework when it is assigned. It wouldn’t be good if I didn’t know how to use technology because I would not be able to do my homework. I would also be helpful for when I go to college.

I think knowing how to use technology is very important for the future because I’m sure that I will need something like this again in the future. I think I’m pretty used to it now and I think that makes me good at it.

I think that being able to use technology will definitely help in the future. I think you need to know how to use it because you will use it for many different things, like typing papers for school and work and there are many jobs where you will need to use a computer. I am good at using a computer now because I am a very fast typer. I know how to use many programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, Moviemaker, the Internet and other programs. I also can usually figure out how to do things and how to fix things on a computer too.

I think it is very important to know technology in the future. I am okay at using it now. I think it is good to know technology in the future because it is going to be used a lot and if you don’t know how to use it then you won’t get any good jobs.

Knowing how to use technology not only prevents silly mistakes like deleting something so knowing this, my next project will come out better and faster. Technology also speeds up the project. I did not know how to use technology so I made a lot of mistakes proving I’m not very good with it.

Well I think that using the computer to make a movie is good for us. It will help us in future projects in high school or whenever we need to use a computer.

Most likely everything in the future will be hover cars and robots. Technology will be important. Right now, I think I’m pretty good with it. I use the computer a lot so I know how to work with one.

I think it is very important because we wouldn’t have been able to do anything on this video without technology knowledge. I think making this video taught me a lot about technology that I didn’t know yet, like how to convert videos.

I think that being able to use technology will be extremely important in the future because technology like computers are able to tell you everything that you need to know. No, I am not very good with any technology but video games. I don’t really know how to make a decent movie off the top of my head because I ‘m not sure on how to download and upload things without assistance.

Using technology is important because most of the jobs out there now involve working with computers.

It will be very important because technology is getting so advanced. Yes I am good at using tech. I know how to now make a movie and now I can do a lot more on the computer.

I think technology abilities will be very important because eventually that will be all there is. Currently I ‘m pretty good with a computer.

When I go to college, technology will be in common use helping me with my studies. With papers and notes to take, (and my handwriting not being that good) it’s the only way to make sure my work is presented well. Not only in college, but when I get a job, most likely an engineer, use of a computer and machinery is a key essential, so I better start learning the basics. Yes I do think I am good at it now for my grade level, but I’m only at the tip of the iceberg. There is much more I need before I can call myself a pro.

I think knowing how to use technology is extremely important for the future. You will probably be using it everyday depending on your job. I am good at it but I have a lot to learn.

Being able to use this technology will most definitely come in handy in the future for personal and business projects. I do not think I am very good at making videos or using technology in general. I have good, effective ideas, but I’ve always had a bit of a problem when it came to computers, sometimes it was the computer and sometimes me. Either way, things never seemed to work out the way I would’ve preferred them to.

I think technology is pretty important now because it makes a lot of difficult things very easy. I think it will be very important in the future because it’s improving every day and soon people are really going to rely on technology to get things done. I think I’m ok at using technology. I’m not a tech wiz or anything but I’m good enough to get by.

I think it’s important to know how to use technology in our age. Seeing as our age is known as the technological age it should be second nature how to use most technological objects. I’m not half bad at using our technological these days seeing as I use my computer almost everyday and technology like a calculator and objects like that.