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15 Fantastic Virtual Reality in Education Resources from Class Tech Tips

I have been thinking about the implications of VR (virtual reality) in education.  I purchased an inexpensive VR 3D viewer and downloaded the free Google Cardboard Camera for my phone.  I have made some very interesting and effective 360 images that are quite realistic when experienced through the viewer.  Although I have had fun with VR on this level, I wasn’t quite sure how I would use this technology in the classroom.  I also downloaded some VR apps on my phone that allow me to explore the human mind, visit historical Egypt, and “invade” the human cell.  I suspect this is just the beginning. Recently I came across “15 Fantastic Virtual Reality in Education Resources” from ClassTech Tips.  This site links to some interesting 360-degree videos such as a tour of the Tour of London and a realistic experience on Mt. Everest.  These are worth checking out and as I said, this is probably just the beginning. We have yet another way that technology can redefine how we teach, learn and experience images and video.

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All of the links on my integration site are public, but some districts don’t allow outside sharing or email. Unfortunately,  it is not possible for me to respond to share requests from teachers who work in such districts.  I find this to be counter-productive in a world where one of the essential premises behind technology integration in education is communication and sharing.  In any case, I apologize on my end, for not being able to respond.